Apr 29

Bridging the gap

Few weeks back, I read an article posted on www.npr.org, titled “A Booming Economy Doesn’t Save Children From Malnutrition”. Its author referenced a study arguing that there is no correlation between economic expansion and a reduction in malnutrition. It quotes the study’s senior author, S.V. Subramanian a social epidemiologist at Harvard University, who states: “countries that grow economically tend to invest the money back into sectors that led to the growth in the first place”. Think about what was just said for a moment; countries tend to not solve the lack of food issue even when they are well engaged on the path of economic growth.

ChildrenIn theory it makes sense; when sector A expands, governments need to invest back in sector A so that it can further expand and bring about prosperity. But is it really the right path for long-term development? What good is it to expand an area of your economy when you can’t feed children and their mothers? This isn’t meant to chastise governments’ actions but to stress out the importance of the work we do.

Seeds of Change proposes to bridge the gap between what is possible and what gets done. We understand governments are busy and sometimes, what should be on their list of priorities isn’t. We propose bringing those priorities back into focus by lending our talents to solve entrenched problems that are dear to us all.

“Lack of food is the leading cause of child death worldwide, killing 3.1 million children each year and accounting for 45 percent of all child mortality.”, the aforementioned article further states. We propose to partner with the development community to significantly reduce this number in the coming years and we need your help to accomplish this goal. Seeds of Change is passionate about women and children. It is said right in the mission: “Fostering social change through education, empowerment and economic development”. We also advocate for and extend opportunities to at-risk street children and women in the developing world so that they might overcome the barriers created by poverty and oppression.

There is a link to current projects where you can witness our actions on a field, in alignment to the goals we set for ourselves. Recognizing that we can’t do it all on our own, such as governments on their way to prosperity need help to carry the load of bettering the lives of their most vulnerable. Help us fulfill that mission by supporting our actions. We thank you for support!

How to donate: Contribute directly to one of the projects promoted by Seeds of Change by clicking the “Donate” button found on our homepage. (A PayPal account is not required).

For donation inquiries please contact Rachel Hathaway, at rachelh@consultants4good.org OR raehathaway@hotmail.com.


Mar 21

Please Welcome Our Newest Member, CCO Anne Akoa

Dear friends,

Please help me extend a warm welcome to our newest Seeds of Change team member, Anne Akoa.  As CCO, Anne will lead our communications team, spreading our message of education, empowerment and economic development.

Anne is a keen economist and gifted writer. Her fresh, lively style and insightful renderings will surely capture your attention. Keep an eye out for her social media updates via Facebook, twitter and via the SoC website.

Welcome aboard, Anne!!


May 19

Be the Change…

In the weeks to come, Seeds of Change will be gearing up for our next big fundraiser. Be on the lookout for upcoming crowdsourcing news from our SoC team!

As ever, your contributions are deeply appreciated — whether you choose to donate two hours of your time, $25 in funding support, or to affect change for years to come through contributions to our Seeds of Change Endowment Fund.

Your ongoing support and volunteer efforts keep us moving forward, bringing us closer to the goals we’ve set on behalf of the children.  Each act of kindness makes a difference, y’all!

If you are interested in contributing time or resources, please contact Rachel at rachelh@seedsofchangeconsultants.org

Spread the word, Plant the SEEED…


May 19

Who’s Ready to StartSomeGood?

Great news, friends!

Our new Seeds of Change fundraising campaign has been approved! Many thanks to the StartSomeGood crowdfunding team for supporting our venture!

Be on the lookout for upcoming fundraising news — coming soon!!

As ever, we look to you for support as we continue efforts on behalf of street children and women in the developing world.
So…Spread the Word, Plant the SEEED!


Sep 09

One Billion…

Whether we are talking about dollars, grains of sand or stars in the night sky, it’s a number so sizable that our minds cannot fully grasp its scope and enormity.  But now, I will ask you to expand your perception of the term one billion because at present there are over one billion people subsisting in abject poverty.  And while it is hard to truly understand the magnitude and pervasiveness this one figure holds, when we consider the potential impact of microfinance we must begin to look at these words “one billion” as more than just a statistic. At this very moment each countable number within than one billion represents a human life — a person who has the potential, but not the opportunity, to reach the point of solvency.  A person desperately in need of microfinance and economic development opportunities.

Today, let’s each ask what small contribution we can make to poverty eradication and social justice.    Together we can build brighter futures and close the disparity gap between the haves and the have-nots of our global society.  For volunteering and fundraising opportunities, please contact rachel@consulting4good.org OR raehathaway@hotmail.com.

Spread the Word, Plant the SEEED.



Aug 11

Seeds of Change Founder Named Pearson National Fellow

Seeds of Change founder and president, Rachel Hathaway, has been named a Pearson National Fellow.  We are honored that the Pearson Committee has recognized our commitment to community service.  Through their generous award we will continue to spread our message of Social Change through Education, Empowerment and Economic Development. 

For details about the our Pearson Award, please visit http://www.pearsonfoundation.org/pearsonprize/2011/fellows.html

Spread the word, Plant the SEEED.

The Seeds of Change Executive BOD

Aug 04

The Maer Achol Shelter Welcomes Feroz

I am happy to announce the newest Maer Achol addition — Feroz!

I first met young Feroz in 2009. He is, in fact, one of the six children that inspired the creation of Seeds of Change. His enrollment at the shelter takes him off the streets and offers him a world of new opportunities he’d never have otherwise. Today truly is the first day of the rest of his life.

We are so thankful to the Maer Achol staff, and to Feroz’s mother for her brave and selfless choice.  There are many parents who cannot see beyond the short term benefits of begging.  The sad reality for many Bangladeshi families is that their children’s handouts provide the main source of household income.  Today, Feroz’s mother sacrificed her own present needs to ensure a stable life and good education for her son.  Beyond this, she has made the difficult choice of parting ways with her child so that he might thrive.  I am touched by her generosity of spirit.

Here’s to the unsung heroes of Bangladesh – and to Social change through Education, Empowerment and Economic Development!  Spread the word, Plant the SEEED.

Warmest Regards,

Rachel Hathaway, Founder and President
Seeds of Change Consulting Corp.

Jul 18

Seeds of Change is making headlines…

Many thanks to Judy Harrison for her thoughtful, well written article about Seeds of Change and our Founder/President, Rachel Hathaway.  Opportunities for our women and children are created when individuals like Judy take the time and effort to spread the word about social change.

To read more, please visit www.bangordailynews.com/2011/06/19/business/umaine-business-student-consulting-for-good-in-bangladesh/

Here to Social change through Education, Empowerment and Economic Development.

Spread the word, plant the SEEED.

Warmest Regards,

Seeds of Change Consulting Corp.

Jun 27

Exciting updates…

Hello Friends,

I’m pleased to announce the latest update to the Seeds of Change website…

We now offer a donation button for those of you wishing to support our mission of social change through education, empowerment and economic development.  This important feature allows us to begin the next phase of our fundraising efforts on behalf of at-risk children and women. 

For more information about those projects supported through Seeds of Change, please visit our Current Projects page.  We also welcome any follow-up questions and comments you may have.  These insights can be directed to rachelh@consulting4good.org.  We look forward to hearing from you!

 Spread the word, Plant the SEEED.

Warmest Regards,

Rae Hathaway, Founder and President
Seeds of Change Consulting Corp

Jun 17

And now the city sleeps…

06/13/2011      1 am

 And now the city sleeps. The silent lull is a stark contrast to the events of the day. There is little movement, little sound. Only the constant hum of a generator and the lonely sound of the wind can be heard as I peer out of my sixth story window. The streets are impossibly quiet. Looking out upon this still unchanging scene, one would never guess that just hours ago two bombs had gone off across the street from my hotel.

Back in the lobby, just after the second bomb sounded, people were milling about restlessly. One man in particular caught my attention. He’s coming unhinged, I thought to myself as he laughed too loudly and too often — a knee-jerk reaction to his fear and sense of helplessness. Perhaps this laughter is the ego’s way of reminding him that he is still here, safely removed from the chaos below.

I speak with the staff. We talk about the politically charged atmosphere. “Not to worry, it will all be over tomorrow” I am told countless times, although I haven’t asked for such reassurances. “How do you know this?” I ask. “The government can do nothing. “Nothing for two days. After this, the strike will not be tolerated by government”, it is not an opinion, but a factual statement. A matter of Bangladeshi course. This is the governmental attitude, that of short-lived indulgence toward its people. The people cry out for higher wages and they demand the government restore Grameen to its rightful state with the country’s beloved Dr. Yunus at the helm. Just this week, his official resignation was given. He is ousted, and 8.3 Million families suffer the consequences. Now, the people have two days to bomb the city, riot in the street and shout their outrage. The government will not respond. But at the end of the two days, the people must return to their everyday life. Unheard. And so, no one questions whether the hartal will continue beyond tomorrow night. We all know it will not. And so, they have but two day to speak out, knowing all the while that the government turns a deaf ear.

While violence is not the answer — especially not random bombings –my heart goes out to the unheard masses. I cannot begin to imagine their frustration and pain. The word inequity falls short of the mark.  And so we wait.  For the hartal to end.  For the government to respond.  For life in Dhaka to go on.


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