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Our Story

Our History: Every child deserves security, nourishment, and education; yet there are countless many who subsist in the slums in Bangladesh and India. They lack adequate food and access to unpolluted water. Education beyond the 5th grade level is rare, especially for girls.  We need to support and empower our youth — especially those who struggle with little hope of making real progress.  For children who are born into hardship, herculean efforts are often required if they wish to rise above the weight of their world. We must extend our helping hand.

For Rachel Hathaway, Founder and President of Seeds of Change, this journey began in Bangladesh in the summer of 2009.   While working at Grameen Bank, we sought ways to contribute to the lives of Dhaka’s street children.  In addition to serving their immediate needs, the overarching goal was to bring about meaningful and lasting change. Our time was short.  We lived in Bangladesh for less than three months.  Time moved on, but the memory of our street babies never faded.  We continued to seek opportunities that would lead to a better life for these forgotten youth.

Our effort began in an organic fashion: providing food, educational opportunities, advertising campaigns, funding for doctor visits — whatever we could think of to bring stability and happiness into their lives. Today, our commitment to the street children is stronger than ever.  To this end, I have founded Seeds of Change, alongside a group of dedicated partners and volunteers.  Our consulting firm upholds the mission of fostering social change through education, empowerment and economic development.  Our vision is to extend opportunities to at-risk street children and women in the developing world so that they might overcome the barriers created by poverty and oppression.


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