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Rae Hathaway, Founder and President, Seeds of Change Consulting

Rachel is an MPA Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  She graduated from the University of Maine as Valedictorian with a dual-degree in Economics (BA) and Business Administration (BS) and triple major in Financial Economics, Accounting and Finance. In the summer of 2009, Rachel traveled to Bangladesh and India where she completed The Grameen Basic Training Program under the leadership of 2006 Nobel Laureates Grameen Bank and Grameen Trust. As a Gilman Scholar, she returned to Bangladesh in the summer of 2011 to continue her microfinance research at BRAC and to promote human rights advocacy on behalf of the street children of Dhaka. She is also founder and president of Seeds of Change Consulting, an NPO with a mission of social change for the underrepresented members of our global society. To date, Rachel has focused on economic justice issues that extend education, empowerment and economic development opportunities to at-risk women and street children in the developing world so that they might overcome the barriers created by poverty and oppression. Rachel’s ultimate pursuit is a career in economic justice where she plans to contribute to the alleviation of poverty domestically and in the developing world.

Rachel is the Harvard Kennedy School’s 2013 Henry G. Brooks Fellow.  In 2011, she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to continue her microfinance research, received the 2011 Pearson National Fellowship for academic rigor and community leadership from a pool of over 20,000 hopefuls, and was selected as one of 20 USA Today 2011 All-Academic College Team members.


Anne Akoa, Chief Communication Officer, Seeds of Change Consulting
Anne is the Co-Founder of DOTS Media Group (DMG), a Yaoundé, Cameroon-based company creating media for locals by locals. She acts as DMG’s Chief Operating where she oversees the company’s daily operations and manages a team of dedicated young Cameroonians dedicated to change the media landscape of Cameroon. She is also the co-founder and the managing directors of Moshare Magazine, an online publication focused on relating Cameroonian lives written by people experiencing Cameroonian realties. She has obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at the University of Maine in Orono, both in Financial Economics.

For three years she worked for publicly funded programs dedicating her earlier career to public service and citizens’ outreach. As an accountant intern and staff accountant for the state of Maine in the United States she was a public sector employee charged with accounts payables, financial statements preparation and accounts reconciliation. As the Assistant Director for the Knowledge Transfer Alliance at the University of Maine, she was a crucial piece of the small team that helped set up the program on the university campus. Growing up in Cameroon, Africa she was fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to pursue a higher education and is determined to do the same for the most vulnerable, namely children and women. As Seeds of Change Chief Communication Officer, Anne will lead the communications team, spreading the organization core message and vision of extending opportunities to at-risk street children and women in the developing world for them to overcome the barriers created by poverty and oppression. Through her efforts within the Seeds of Change team, Anne hopes to help empower children and women and give them opportunity to create the lives they want.


Brenton Murray, Chief Technical Officer, Seeds of Change Consulting.

Brenton is a hardheaded optimist, creative thinker, and compassionate problem solver. He specializes in leveraging technology to increase performance at sustainability-driven organizations.

He enjoys fixing things, the outdoors, and exploring new cultures. When not working, Brenton can often be found hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing.

Originally from the Southwest, Brenton has lived in Arizona, Maine, and Germany. He has adventured through 26 states and 14 different countries. He currently resides in San Jose, California where he serves as Fleet Program Manager at Tesla Motors.


Roshan Range, Vice-President, Seeds of Change Consulting.  

Born and brought up in Mumbai, India I came to USA to pursue further education and currently working as financial professional. Being from Mumbai, I have seen from close quarters how education and opportunity can be determined by birth. Many a times, social and economic barriers do not allow for a person to reach their potential. I believe education and opportunity plays a huge role in one’s personal and professional life. Being a part of Seeds of Change team, I hope to enable people to explore avenues, break social and economic barriers and achieve their full potential.


Laure Dechaux, Lead Program Strategist and BOD Member, Seeds of Change Consulting.  

“After a master’s degree in Finance, I decided to explore microfinance at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh for a few months. Passionate about international development ever since, I worked as a Finance Manager in NGOs for three years, supporting and training staff in Madagascar, the Philippines, Cambodia and Nepal. Eager to know more, I went back to university to get a second master’s degree in Political Science at the Sorbonne University in Paris, with a specialty in International Cooperation, Humanitarian Affairs and Politics of Development. I am currently interning at Girls Action Foundation in Montréal to learn more about women empowerment and leadership programs for girls.

I am thrilled to be part of Seeds of Change team as I share the vision and the experience at the origin of its creation. I believe partnerships between organizations from the North and from the South is an effective way to strengthen and make more efficient international development programs.

As a Seeds of Change Board of Director member, my role is to take part in the consulting, grant writing and fundraising work as well as the overall support of partners.
I envision a world where every human being can find ways to fully accomplish him/herself and find the necessary resources in his/her local environment.”



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