Apr 29

Bridging the gap

Few weeks back, I read an article posted on www.npr.org, titled “A Booming Economy Doesn’t Save Children From Malnutrition”. Its author referenced a study arguing that there is no correlation between economic expansion and a reduction in malnutrition. It quotes the study’s senior author, S.V. Subramanian a social epidemiologist at Harvard University, who states: “countries that grow economically tend to invest the money back into sectors that led to the growth in the first place”. Think about what was just said for a moment; countries tend to not solve the lack of food issue even when they are well engaged on the path of economic growth.

ChildrenIn theory it makes sense; when sector A expands, governments need to invest back in sector A so that it can further expand and bring about prosperity. But is it really the right path for long-term development? What good is it to expand an area of your economy when you can’t feed children and their mothers? This isn’t meant to chastise governments’ actions but to stress out the importance of the work we do.

Seeds of Change proposes to bridge the gap between what is possible and what gets done. We understand governments are busy and sometimes, what should be on their list of priorities isn’t. We propose bringing those priorities back into focus by lending our talents to solve entrenched problems that are dear to us all.

“Lack of food is the leading cause of child death worldwide, killing 3.1 million children each year and accounting for 45 percent of all child mortality.”, the aforementioned article further states. We propose to partner with the development community to significantly reduce this number in the coming years and we need your help to accomplish this goal. Seeds of Change is passionate about women and children. It is said right in the mission: “Fostering social change through education, empowerment and economic development”. We also advocate for and extend opportunities to at-risk street children and women in the developing world so that they might overcome the barriers created by poverty and oppression.

There is a link to current projects where you can witness our actions on a field, in alignment to the goals we set for ourselves. Recognizing that we can’t do it all on our own, such as governments on their way to prosperity need help to carry the load of bettering the lives of their most vulnerable. Help us fulfill that mission by supporting our actions. We thank you for support!

How to donate: Contribute directly to one of the projects promoted by Seeds of Change by clicking the “Donate” button found on our homepage. (A PayPal account is not required).

For donation inquiries please contact Rachel Hathaway, at rachelh@consultants4good.org OR raehathaway@hotmail.com.


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