Sep 09

One Billion…

Whether we are talking about dollars, grains of sand or stars in the night sky, it’s a number so sizable that our minds cannot fully grasp its scope and enormity.  But now, I will ask you to expand your perception of the term one billion because at present there are over one billion people subsisting in abject poverty.  And while it is hard to truly understand the magnitude and pervasiveness this one figure holds, when we consider the potential impact of microfinance we must begin to look at these words “one billion” as more than just a statistic. At this very moment each countable number within than one billion represents a human life — a person who has the potential, but not the opportunity, to reach the point of solvency.  A person desperately in need of microfinance and economic development opportunities.

Today, let’s each ask what small contribution we can make to poverty eradication and social justice.    Together we can build brighter futures and close the disparity gap between the haves and the have-nots of our global society.  For volunteering and fundraising opportunities, please contact rachel@consulting4good.org OR raehathaway@hotmail.com.

Spread the Word, Plant the SEEED.



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