Current Projects

The Seeds of Change Endowment Fund

Organization: Seeds of Change Consulting Corp.

Project: Your contributions to the Seeds of Change Endowment Fund will help us realize our long-term goals of building and maintaining educational safe havens for our most vulnerable children and young women.

Our 5 – 7 year target is to secure a $10,000,000 endowment for this, our ultimate funding initiative.  With your assistance, we will continue to grow and affect positive change for deserving, yet marginalized women and children throughout the developing world. 

The Jeba Fund

Organization: Seeds of Change Consulting Corp.

Project: The Jeba Fund, our newest initiative, is a scholarship fund that supports college-aged women in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Mumbai, India.  Specifically, this fund is designed to provide college funding for young women who have the talent, but not the funding availability, to turn their collegiate dreams into realities.

Our goal is to secure a minimum of $2,000 (the equivalent of 166,000 BDT) each year in grants and donor funding for this important project.

Funding Support for The JAAGO Foundation, Bangladesh

Organization: The JAAGO Foundation.

Project Details Coming Soon!

Construction of Maer Achol Girls’ Hostel in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Operations: Maer Achol is a safe haven offering education, food and a nurturing environment for Dhaka’s orphans and beggar children. This year, the shelter celebrates its 11th year reaching out to otherwise forgotten youth. It is a great success.

Since its inception in 2001, the shelter has taken 57 street children into its embrace and raised them. Each child receives loving attention, schooling and comfortable accommodations.

Project: Over the next two years a number of girls who grew up with Maer Achol turn 18. Sadly, when these children transition into adulthood, Bangladeshi regulation stipulates that they must leave the shelter. However, the streets of Dhaka are unsafe for single orphaned girls.

To help them integrate successfully into society Maer Achol endeavors to build a mini-hostel on the terrace of the existing structure. Each year, this transitional housing will be home to those 8-9 girls (ages 18 – 21) ready for higher education and apprenticeships.  The Hostel blueprints are designed to comfortably fit 2-3 girls per room.  Each of these young ladies will reside in the Hostel for up to 3 years.  These plans provide ample space for program participants. New residents from the children’s programs will be accepted each year as the older girls graduate from the Hostel, bound for university educations and good jobs.  The Shelter and Seeds of Change are working in cooperation to establish relations with local factories on the subject of training and job placement for the girls.  Moreover, our young ladies will have part-time jobs and thus they will be able to contribute a small fee so that the cost structure for the shelter’s younger children is unaffected.  In this way, they are empowered through gained responsibility; money management skills; and a sense of accomplishment in knowing their contributions maintain operational viability of the hostel.

Tania’s Story: Tania Habib grew up as an orphaned child in the streets of Dhaka. At a very young age she lost her father, and her mother was too poor to care for her.  It was then that she found her way to the Maer Achol Children’s Shelter. Today she is on her way to a stable life and bright future. Over the years, Maer Achol has helped shape her talents. She has become an excellent student and aspires to continue her education. Beyond this, she is a very skilled tailor and receives tailoring requests that supplement her income.

With your help, Tania can be the first of many success stories of the proposed Maer Achol Hostel.  It will be a safe haven for these young and defenseless women, protecting them against the dangerous street life of Dhaka. Instead of falling victim to the streets, they will be able to continue their studies and start professional lives.  Through the shelter’s support network, they can safely gather the experience needed to fully support themselves. Our goal is to secure $24,000 (the equivalent of 1,750,000 BDT) in grants and donor funding for this important project.


How to donate: Contribute directly to one of the projects promoted by Seeds of Change by clicking the “Donate” button found on our homepage. (A PayPal account is not required).

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In accordance with IRS Tax-Exemption Form 1023, Seeds of Change must state that we retain the ultimate authority to use contributions made at our discretion for purposes consistent with our exempt purposes.  If you wish your funds to support a particular project, please email this request to  Seeds of Change policy is to always honor donor support requests as we understand the importance of contributing to the SoC project you feel most passionately about!


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